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Information to Pre-Production with Key Contacts Worldwide within Film & Television

Dedicated Exclusively to Talent Agents

This service is a fast business tool to save you innumerable hours of project research, with concise leads and contacts to production data in early development.

Welcome to a look inside our site. A service designed for Talent Agents!

We strive to provide the best information with accurate data to professional productions around the globe, for a fast turnaround ahead of casting submissions, ensuring the best early pitch for your clients and creatives. With no long term financial commitment and high value return, our service is affordable to even the smallest of offices. Gain faster efficiency through our research designed to support the best agents and lead you to high calibre projects in Film and Television.


During Covid-19 the development pipeline has been bursting with new projects awaiting the green light, productions are revving up to commence with some front runners already in production. With our information you can get ahead and back on your feet as fast as possible during these challenging times.

Our team have extensive knowledge with a first hand understanding of your working environment and the importance of acquiring information fast and in one place. We take great care in our research and hold it's value and impact to your success our foremost priority.

Membership is not available to everyone.

Invited Talent Agents may join along with welcomed applications by way of Agent validation.

Why validate?

To Protect the best interest of our members and the industry professionals contained within our contact data. 

Our service is only available to Talent Agents with valid legitimate interest and business etiquette. 

To Apply; for membership or a complimentary tour please fill out the application form

  • If you are not a member of a professional body ie: the  PMA, TAG, then we may require further validation which will be discussed on an individual basis where required.

  • As a member of a professional body or direct invite by our team, you will be able to join immediately through the Members Room and should email contact@insideact.com for new login details.

  • Membership is £28 GBP, payable in advance, per calendar month. (All major cards are accepted) 

  • Shortly after finalising your payment you will receive full access. (normally within 30 mins)

  • We reserve the right to refuse or cancel membership at any time.

Please remember; you have no long term commitment and can unsubscribe future payments at any time either by directly cancelling through your account or by emailing the team; contact@insideact.com whereby no 'future' payments will be taken. Payments already made are non refundable. If you have any queries please do get in touch.

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